Motivational Speaker for Your Event

Are you looking for a motivational speaker for your conference, meeting or away-day? If you’ve landed on this page without having seen the rest of the site yet, I am a motivational speaker with many years’ experience as a speaker, trainer and performer. I’m based in Manchester and travel extensively throughout the UK, speaking to and coaching a wide variety of people. As well as corporate clients, I’ve addressed and worked with charities, schools, universities, colleges, clubs & societies, churches and hospitals.

Motivational speaker UKMy mission is to inspire and empower the audience, by sharing my experience and the knowledge I’ve acquired through research and study, trial and error. My talks provide practical suggestions for positive and fulfilled living. They are useful talks but they’re also entertaining. I’ve been a public speaker and public-speaking coach for over a quarter of a century and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s this: however valuable the content might be, we can’t expect an audience to benefit from (or even listen to) a talk unless it engages them and holds their attention.

Stand-up psychology offers insight, inspiration and tools to build confidence, build relationships, build balanced and fulfilling lives. My talk Life Lessons from Public Speaking is popular mainly with business audiences but also with charities, schools and other organisations where people have – or are preparing to have – experience of public speaking.

The motivational talk this website is about, How to Be Perfect… in your own way, goes a bit deeper and is suitable for corporate and non-corporate audiences.

From the feedback I’ve had, individuals who choose to come to this talk tend to be those who struggle with perfectionism, along with, in many cases, shame and low self-esteem – individuals who are motivated to improve themselves and are looking for a bit of guidance. Such people find the talk reassuring, liberating and empowering.

Other individuals, who are not motivated to improve themselves, may be surprised how much they benefit from this talk. Some who have been ‘forced’ to attend How to Be Perfect… have reported realising how defensive they had been and how this was sabotaging not only their progress but also their happiness. One audience member talked about having unconsciously been putting all his energy into building a dam and constantly shoring it up against leaks. This insight changed his whole attitude to life.

Interested in some stand-up psychology for your event?

If you’re interested in booking me to speak at an event you’re organising, please contact me and let’s discuss how I can help you most effectively. I can present the talk in the way I do at public events or I can customise it to suit the audience and the situation you have in mind.